This is a blog, an adoptables site, and a community. But mostly it's just a place where I, as a young wolf pup, can marvel at the fascinations of the world and enjoy the little adventures life has to offer.

The hangout is just a tiny corner of the internet, but I hope you like it. :)


p.s. Have fun exploring! If you have questions here is some Info to Know!

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Hey everyone! This is a shoutbox for quick updates and chat :3
Brownie: Heheh, thanks guys! Glad you like 'im :D No worries, I've also been a little MIA besides coloring pets :'3 Apr 9, 2019 20:15:22 GMT -6 *
Brownie: Not at all! Right this way *points to den* :P --> misty-n-friends.proboards.com/thread/873/manas-pack-peculiar-critters Apr 9, 2019 20:23:14 GMT -6
~Mana~: Thanks Brownie! Can you give me a step by step of how to find it? I see it's in Babbly Brook, but it's like it's not? I may just be blind :'D Apr 14, 2019 18:55:53 GMT -6
Brownie: Oh, I think Meesh actually hid the Critter Caves recently to make it less of an easy prey for art thefts. XD But I changed the settings so at least staff could view it (if you don't mind, Mishty (tipo)), so you should be able to see it in the Babbly Brook. Apr 16, 2019 19:37:17 GMT -6
M&M: Not at all Brownie! Sorry ive been mia. Ive been in Rome for the passed week!! 8D Apr 23, 2019 9:30:43 GMT -6
~Mana~: Thanks Brownie! And wow Meesh! That's awesome! Apr 26, 2019 17:12:01 GMT -6
~Mana~: So, another question, is something up with the newer pets? None of my new pets' pictures work anymore, in our messages or in my pack. Leiji, Dosco, Foalan and Bridget, and Torrey are all broken pictures. Apr 26, 2019 17:29:11 GMT -6
Brownie: Welcome back to Americ--ahem, Lunaryk, Meesh! :D Maybe this post will help bring your friends back to your den, Mana? :3 misty-n-friends.proboards.com/thread/921/status-report-image-timko-preview Apr 26, 2019 21:29:01 GMT -6 *
~Mana~: Ah yes, I remember that now! Thanks! Apr 27, 2019 9:18:20 GMT -6
Brownie: No problem! Apr 27, 2019 17:11:04 GMT -6
M&M: Hey everyone! Sorry for being mia again. I had to get passed finals week but after today i am officially done!! May 8, 2019 6:59:31 GMT -6
M&M: I will post a more detailrd status report kater. But for now, dont forget to check out our spring event! May 8, 2019 6:59:59 GMT -6
M&M: Also, if you find that your pets ran away again, it is because postimg, our image host, stopped working. I am working on a new image host so I recommend not using postimg at all and ignoring my tutorial for how to get your pets back. XD May 8, 2019 7:01:15 GMT -6
Brownie: Woohoo, done with finals! *high-fives* I'll be done this Tuesday. :D May 8, 2019 14:17:56 GMT -6
~Mana~: I finished finals yesterday, and am not packing frantically to move to Boston for the Summer. May 9, 2019 18:08:38 GMT -6
~Mana~: *now, not not May 10, 2019 2:54:15 GMT -6
Brownie: Oh wow, you're going to Boston for the summer? Cool! I'm actually going to be spending a couple of weeks there this summer as well, lol. :P May 12, 2019 11:35:25 GMT -6
~Mana~: Wow! Yep, living here all summer to work at Hanscom Air Force Base. Small world. Jun 8, 2019 20:30:16 GMT -6
Brownie: Woah, that sounds pretty amazing! Small world indeed. :P What'll you be doing at the Air Force? Jun 16, 2019 18:01:10 GMT -6
TLOSpyrogirl: Wow everyone's travelling. XD Jun 24, 2019 20:12:34 GMT -6