This is a blog, an adoptables site, and a community. But mostly it's just a place where I, as a young wolf pup, can marvel at the fascinations of the world and enjoy the little adventures life has to offer.

The hangout is just a tiny corner of the internet, but I hope you like it. :)


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Hey everyone! This is a shoutbox for quick updates and chat :3
Brownie: No problem! Apr 27, 2019 17:11:04 GMT -6
M&M: Hey everyone! Sorry for being mia again. I had to get passed finals week but after today i am officially done!! May 8, 2019 6:59:31 GMT -6
M&M: I will post a more detailrd status report kater. But for now, dont forget to check out our spring event! May 8, 2019 6:59:59 GMT -6
M&M: Also, if you find that your pets ran away again, it is because postimg, our image host, stopped working. I am working on a new image host so I recommend not using postimg at all and ignoring my tutorial for how to get your pets back. XD May 8, 2019 7:01:15 GMT -6
Brownie: Woohoo, done with finals! *high-fives* I'll be done this Tuesday. :D May 8, 2019 14:17:56 GMT -6
~Mana~: I finished finals yesterday, and am not packing frantically to move to Boston for the Summer. May 9, 2019 18:08:38 GMT -6
~Mana~: *now, not not May 10, 2019 2:54:15 GMT -6
Brownie: Oh wow, you're going to Boston for the summer? Cool! I'm actually going to be spending a couple of weeks there this summer as well, lol. :P May 12, 2019 11:35:25 GMT -6
~Mana~: Wow! Yep, living here all summer to work at Hanscom Air Force Base. Small world. Jun 8, 2019 20:30:16 GMT -6
Brownie: Woah, that sounds pretty amazing! Small world indeed. :P What'll you be doing at the Air Force? Jun 16, 2019 18:01:10 GMT -6
TLOSpyrogirl: Wow everyone's travelling. XD Jun 24, 2019 20:12:34 GMT -6
Brownie: lol, I know, right? XD And I suppose you are off to an internship at Neverland next Friday, aye Toodles? Jul 26, 2019 10:28:30 GMT -6 *
M&M: Summers some how end up being busier than the school year. XD Jul 30, 2019 20:10:31 GMT -6
M&M: Buuut I hope you all have been enjoying yours! Mine thus far has been great! I went to New York in June and once I returned I helped out at a summer camp. It's been a lot of fun! :D Jul 30, 2019 20:12:05 GMT -6
~Mana~: Wow, how'd I miss the question? I have a full-ride scholarship through the Department of Defense, and I got stationed in the Air Force Aquisitions division. Short description is this division goes about buying everything that the warfighter needs (like new Aug 2, 2019 16:22:24 GMT -6
~Mana~: tech for tanks, new drones, etc). I'm into cyber security, so I've been working in the Deathstar :D The lab where we test code and programs for vulnerabilities and stuff like that, along with a lot more. Lately I've been learning how to hack a Windows 7 Aug 2, 2019 16:24:28 GMT -6
~Mana~: computer :D Aug 2, 2019 16:24:30 GMT -6
Brownie: Wooooah, that sounds so cool 8D I mean, you're working in the Deathstar?! Aug 15, 2019 9:00:12 GMT -6
M&M: Wow Mana that does sound cool! :o Aug 17, 2019 18:22:46 GMT -6
TLOSpyrogirl: Oooohhh white hat hacking, awesome :D Aug 17, 2019 22:55:37 GMT -6