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waterhorse adoptable

Currently closed

A new waterhorse was up for adoption in our latest New Year sale, which ended January 16th. The winner has been announced at the Adoption Den!


Hey everyone! This is a shoutbox for quick updates and chat :3
Brownie: Hopefully you'll get to have a good rest during a holiday break, Toodles! Nov 23, 2018 16:38:07 GMT -6
M&M: Woohoo! First snowfall of the year! :D Dec 2, 2018 9:53:26 GMT -6
M&M: When does school end for y'all? My last day is the 16th! Dec 2, 2018 9:53:52 GMT -6
~Mana~: Wow school has been nuts, I'm so excited for break! I end on the 12th (all that's my last final, technically the 14th is the last day of school) Dec 3, 2018 15:18:00 GMT -6
Brownie: I happen to be taking finals on the same day as you, Mana! :P Dec 3, 2018 22:29:48 GMT -6
M&M: Hey that's ny last final too! Let's have a party after that!!! 8D Dec 4, 2018 7:41:38 GMT -6
~Mana~: (rofl) Party time! After finals that is :P Dec 8, 2018 15:39:54 GMT -6 *
Brownie: Yay!! 8D Dec 8, 2018 21:43:18 GMT -6
Brownie: It could double as a Christmas party :P Dec 8, 2018 21:44:29 GMT -6
TLOSpyrogirl: Oooh the website is snowing. :D Dec 10, 2018 21:36:36 GMT -6
Brownie: Ooh, it is! 8D Dec 16, 2018 17:16:37 GMT -6
saiilorpaws: hi! Dec 20, 2018 21:46:52 GMT -6
M&M: Hello! ^^ To my older members: I hosted a giveaway on Chickensmoothie, so if the site seems busy all of a sudden now you know why. XDD Dec 20, 2018 22:12:00 GMT -6
Brownie: Hi Saiilorpaws! :) Dec 21, 2018 13:25:05 GMT -6
Brownie: Ooh, a giveaway on CS? Sounds exciting! Dec 21, 2018 13:27:19 GMT -6
M&M: Merry Christmas everyone! :D Dec 25, 2018 21:50:46 GMT -6
Brownie: Merry Christmas! :-* Dec 28, 2018 22:15:23 GMT -6
Brownie: Happy New Year everyone! :D A waterhorse is looking for an owner over at the Adoption Den. Check out the sale here!: misty-n-friends.proboards.com/thread/929/auld-lang-syne-years-sale Jan 1, 2019 15:45:45 GMT -6
M&M: Happy new years y'all! Yes, thanks to Brownie's assistance, a new waterhorse is up for adoption! ^^ Jan 1, 2019 22:30:46 GMT -6
Brownie: The contest has ended! Check out the Adoption Den to see who our newest adoptable's new friend is. :D Jan 16, 2019 20:31:10 GMT -6 *